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Teen OCD Camp

How does our program work?

Camp DCO supports children & teens with OCD by…

Making friends and finding support:

Children and teens with OCD often share that they feel alone in having OCD – that they know few, if any, other kids with OCD. Camp DCO seeks to normalize OCD for teens by providing an opportunity to get to know other teens with OCD and share in the experience of facing OCD-related fears.

Having an adventure:

During Camp DCO, kids have the opportunity to participate in a high ropes challenge course – a series of ladders, climbing walls, cables, and poles all high up in the trees and built specifically for climbing on, go on a day hike in the North Cascade Mountains, and camp-out overnight with other kids like themselves. Traditional camp experiences such as sitting around camp fires, sleeping in the woods in tents or under tarps, scavenger hunts, eating delicious S’mores, and many types of games will be highlights of the program.

Providing treatment:

Staff who are specialists in treating OCD provide support and coaching throughout the weekend to help kids face some of their OCD-related fears. The goal is to provide a therapeutic weekend that is both enjoyable and challenging and that will provide a meaningful experience for participants. One of the unique features of the program is that participants will have the opportunity to provide support and encouragement to one another as they all face OCD-related fears. Click here for more detailed information about the treatment of OCD using exposure and response prevention (ERP).